Our Approach

Our strength based and evidence-informed approach is responsive to the impact of trauma, racism and adversity by promoting healing and resilience.  We have high expectations of ourselves and others.


We create safe and welcoming spaces that focus on physical, emotional, cultural and moral well-being.


We value and build caring relationships that offer consistency, trustworthiness and transparency, and inspire growth and change.


We build community through connections and sharing lived experiences to promote healing and resiliency.


We strive to meaningfully share power and decision-making among leadership, staff, participants and our communities.


We promote opportunities for contribution and leadership. We cultivate self-advocacy skills and support self-determined goal-setting.


We commit to ongoing learning and self-reflection about ourselves, our assumptions and our cultural identities. We honor and respect the culture and social identities of others as they see themselves – seeking to understand each person’s unique experiences and views – including the intersectionality of oppression.

We REALIZE the widespread impact of trauma, racism and oppression and understand the potential paths for healing.
We RECOGNIZE the signs and symptoms of trauma, racism and oppression in youth, families, communities, ourselves and our organization.
We RESPOND by fully integrating knowledge about trauma, anti-racism and healing into policies, procedures and practices.
We RESIST re-traumatization by identifying triggers (including micro-aggressions) and implementing collaborative and healing responses.

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