B.R.A.G. & St. Barnabas Partner for New Youth Boxing Program

Since the second week of July, a group of four young Bronxites have been meeting at St. Barnabas Hospital’s Healthplex in Little Italy on Thursday and Friday evenings for hour-long fitness and boxing classes. The classes are the latest initiative by St. Barnabas Hospital and the Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence (B.R.A.G.). cure violence program.

The classes are part of a B.R.A.G., 12-week, pilot program which will end in October. Norwood News spoke to David Caba, senior program director at B.R.A.G., on July 29 about the new initiative. He said it’s just one of B.R.A.G.’s many programs which helps young people stay away from high-risk activities and grew out of B.R.A.G.’s long-time partnership and hospital response program with St. Barnabas.

“It’s really designed for the young people that come into the emergency room of St Barnabas hospital, recover from their injuries, and now it’s time for them to get physically fit and strong again and learn the art of self-defense, which is boxing,” he said. “It teaches things like discipline and accountability, responsibility, and an overall sense of well-being, mental and physical health.”

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Source: Norwood News