Coronavirus Update: We’re Taking Every Measure Possible

As information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, we are taking every measure possible to keep our participants, staff, and larger community safe.

Here are a few things we are doing to increase safety


  • We have established an Emergency Response Team with representatives from Residential, Health Services, support departments, and the Executive Team. Beginning Monday, March 9th, this team has held daily calls to address immediate agency-wide operational concerns. 
  • One of the most important things we can do is limit the amount of people in public and shared working spaces to slow down the rate of virus transmission. Those who can work remotely are asked to do so, while we’re implementing staggered schedules and exploring other options for staff in less flexible roles.
  • The Foster Care, Juvenile Justice and Supportive Housing Division has been ordering supplies and nonperishable goods for their programs; they have also been working out with how to support staff, particularly considering the limitations of those who cannot work remotely.
  • We are calling on government partners at local, state, and national levels for immediate support and guidance amid the coronavirus crisis. Read about it here.
  • Guidance was released in response to how we will pay staff during this crisis. We are committed to making sure we pay staff who are impacted by this, balancing the overall good of the organization and maintaining our strength and ability to continue services and operations through and after this crisis.
  • The Executive Team will hold daily check-ins to ensure that we are anticipating and responding to key strategic and operational issues and expediting informed decision making throughout the crisis.
  • Facilities placed orders for more hand sanitizers and additional cleaning supplies to support programs.
  • School trips, events and non-essential trainings have been cancelled or postoned until further notice.
  • An email was set up for our organization that will be managed by medical and non-medical staff for any questions related to coronavirus.   

We care deeply for the communities where our programs are reaching thousands of young people and adults each year. Their anxiety and fears are ours too. We don’t know when things will return to normal, but we know they will. In the meantime, families who might already be stressed for finances are making unexpected purchases as we all deal with this pandemic. As we assess the immediate needs of our staff and participants, here’s what you can do to help now.