Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: Our Response

As information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, we are taking every measure possible to keep our participants, staff, and larger community safe. Nonprofit staff have been deemed essential workers by New York State. Many of our programs provide critical services including our residential and foster care programs and cannot close.  While we navigate this crisis, we are organizing, mobilizing, and advocating for our communities. Keep abreast of developments by visiting the links to recent press we have received on our efforts across multiple fronts.

Foster Care Facilities Scramble to Come Up with Emergency Response Plans Amid Virus Outbreak

The lives of children in foster care are all too often disrupted time and again as they change placements, sometimes being housed in different states over the course of several years.  Many have also reported their time spent in state institutions was frightening as they experienced physical and sexual abuse by employees.

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NYC’s School Closures Are a Crisis of Their Own for Disadvantaged Families

What protections exist for students who were already struggline before the coronavirus pandemic? Diana Noriega, assistant executive director of Anti-Racism and Equity at Good Shepherd, comments on glaring equity issues during this crisis.
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Access to Regional Enrichment Centers for Students who are Homeless

During the NYC school shutdown, Regional Enrichment Centers serve as a lifeline for these students and their ability to continue learning. NYC must commit to allowing students who do not have permanent homes to attend the Regional Enrichment Centers while schools are closed.

Read the letter we wrote along with several partner organizations to the DOE Chancellor.

Governors and Mayors Left to Support Some of the Most Vulnerable Americans Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The federal government has taken no action to ensure state and local governments can continue to support their nonprofit human-services organizations. Read More

Our Message to the Federal Government: Extend Census Deadline Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The census is an essential tool for all communities across our country, particularly hard to count populations. It is a key determinant of resources, visibility, and need – determining how funds are distributed for the next 10 years. Making sure every person is counted is of paramount importance. Read More

What Social Service Agencies Need Right Now: Coronavirus Checklist, An OpEd by Michelle Yanche

To ensure New York’s social services organizations can continue to meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities, we have listed the needs that must be met by city and state leaders. Read More

Good Shepherd Services Calls on Government Partners for Immediate Support Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Without active and immediate guidance from our government partners, we risk leaving the communities that need us most without the services they rely on, and our staff without the resources and clarity they need to perform their jobs effectively and safely. Read More


We’re Taking Every Measure Possible

As information about the coronavirus pandemic develops, we are taking every measure possible to keep our participants, staff, and larger community safe. Support our Efforts.


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