East New York Survey Helps Highlight Community Concerns

It’s no secret that East New York has experienced a dramatic transformation in the last decade. From the significant increase in homes to the surge in development projects, the neighborhood has put itself on the path to becoming a more modern and vibrant place to live and work. While the landscape of the neighborhood evolves, there is value in looking ahead and putting thought into action.

Over the summer, the Local Development Corporation of East New York undertook a survey initiative to engage local residents, commuters, business owners, and passerbys regarding their thoughts and feelings on the area around Broadway Junction, the neighborhood’s major transit hub and one of the largest in the city. More than 300 responses were collected in collaboration with Good Shepherd Services and high school seniors and college freshmen surveying people around the station.

To set the scene, let’s first take a look at one of the catalysts for the area’s change – the East New York Neighborhood Plan, which was designed to ensure an increase in affordable housing, economic development, and community resources.

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Source: East New York News