Element Capital to Sponsor Compass

Good Shepherd Services today announced that on October 16, 2021, it will once again host its epic biennial fundraising event, Compass, known for its late-night, mind-bending highly competitive scavenger hunt across New York City. This year’s presenting sponsor is Element Capital Management which is donating $250,000 to the event. The event, first held in 2017, brings together finance, tech, and consulting professionals to compete in an intensive puzzle hunt with proceeds benefitting Good Shepherd programming.

Element Capital’s donation will support LifeLink, a GSS program which helps young people transition from high school to college at City University of New York (CUNY) schools. Additionally, thanks to Element Capital, 100% of all donations raised through Compass will support Good Shepherd programs.

“Compass is a New York City tradition and immersive experience that brings together some of the brightest minds to show their commitment to Good Shepherd and the youth we serve,” said Michelle Yanche, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services. “The pandemic has exacerbated the social and financial challenges for many of our young people and families—and now more than ever, they need the support to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. We thank Element Capital and Jeffrey Talpins for their generous donation which will help us ensure we’re providing the tools and support needed for young people to continue on a path toward a brighter future.”

“Good Shepherd’s programs serve more than 30,000 of New York City’s children, youth and families, creating opportunities for success at school, home and in the community. We are grateful to Good Shepherd for everything they do for the community and we are honored to sponsor this year’s Compass competition,” said Oren Eisner, President of the Jeffrey M. Talpins Foundation. “We look forward to this year’s event and we encourage others to join us in supporting LifeLink and the many other Good Shepherd programs that are vital to so many of our fellow New Yorkers.”

During the competition each team will work to solve meticulously designed, camouflaged puzzles — the answers to which often indicate the location of the next puzzles. Past challenges included cracking the code on a real enigma machine in the Intrepid aircraft carrier and delivering a safety deposit box filled with cash to a “crime boss” at a “speakeasy” in Gowanus.

Teams can sign up as sponsors with a $30,000 donation. There is also a limited number of spots for individuals to participate with a $5,000 donation. All health and safety guidelines and protocols outlined at the time of the event will be followed.