Good Shepherd raises over $1M in immersive, city-wide puzzle fundraiser

Wall Street’s brightest minds battled it out on Saturday by hitting multiple locations around NYC to solve intricate, immersive puzzles, while raising more than $1 million for charity Good Shepherd Services.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bridgewater Capital, Element Capital (which sponsored the event), PDT Partners, Barclays, BNP Paribas, and more offered up brainy employees, paying $30,000 a team, for the event called Compass.

Running for over 14 hours and ending at 4 a.m., analysts, quants, and math savants ran around to locations including Papillion restaurant, RPM Underground karaoke bar, and the Museum of Art and Design to decode and decipher elaborate clues in a murder mystery.

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Source: Daily News