High Schoolers Passion for Fashion and Tech Grows

Thirteen South Brooklyn Community High School (SBCHS) students had the opportunity to develop and hone their tech and fashion skills this past year. The Fashion Tech Program, which was divided into Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 timetables, has been held afterschool in collaboration with Pioneer Works. The program’s concept and curriculum, developed in part by Tiffanie Harris (Pioneer Works’ Director of Community and School Programs), greatly evolved from being just an introductory fashion class first piloted in Fall 2016. Since this program has a prominent tech focus, she wanted to show students how the two fields overlap with one another.

“STEM is something we do quite well here at Pioneer Works because we’re an interdisciplinary arts space,” Harris told this paper. “We do our best to create interdisciplinary programs where students are not only thinking [about] art, but also the hard skills that they can use and apply, and how they can transfer these skills to degrees and careers they can pursue if interested in these fields.”

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Source: The Red Hook Star Revue