Our Message to the Federal Government: Extend Census Deadline Amid Coronavirus Crisis


Contact: Liz Hallgren, lhallgren@skdknick.com




Good Shepherd Services Calls on Federal Government to Extend the Census Deadline Amid Coronavirus Crisis

New York – As the deadline for the U.S. census draws closer, and the health crisis surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) intensifies, Michelle Yanche, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services, released the following statement:

“The census is an essential tool for all communities across our country, particularly hard to count populations. It is a key determinant of resources, visibility, and need – determining how funds are distributed for the next 10 years. Making sure every person is counted is of paramount importance.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, social services providers like Good Shepherd are working harder than ever to try and fulfill our contractual, and mission-central, goal of reaching thousands of families, using online tools and digital forms of outreach to connect with communities. But, at the same time, we are conscious of the fact that we must isolate and socially distance ourselves in order to protect public health and safety, and, that not everyone has the access to take the census digitally, making comprehensive outreach extremely challenging.

Therefore, as the coronavirus reaches a fever pitch across the country, Good Shepherd Services urges the federal government to immediately extend the census deadline. At a time when communities are concerned first and foremost with their health, we should not expect them to risk their family’s wellbeing to complete the census. An extended deadline is the only way to ensure that everyone is counted, that social services workers are able to do other urgent work now, and that the census count is executed fully and safely when the crisis has passed.”


About Good Shepherd Services:

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