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Economic mobility is the gateway to a prosperous future. Every young person deserves a chance to achieve any goal they set for themselves. Pledge your commitment to do everything in your power to support ambitious young people through their academic and career journey. Thank you for supporting Good Shepherd Services’ efforts to promote opportunities for a work experiences reimaged for the youth and families in our partner communities.

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I pledge my commitment to partner with Good Shepherd Services to connect young people to one or more of the following opportunities:

—  Be a consistent and caring adult, a friend and confidant, a trusted adviser.

Career Coach — Help young people find direction and fulfillment in pursuing their career goals.

Internship — Provide an enriched real-world employment experience that aligns with a young person’s goals.

Employment — Hire a bright and talented go-getter to develop professionally in a supportive environment.

Promote Opportunities for Work Experiences Reimagined

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