Health Home Care Coordination

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We care for you holistically through compassionate health services.

Care Coordination is how health home services are delivered. We work with you and your children’s other providers to address their needs—and yours.

A Health Home is a Care Management model that provides individuals with access to a wide network of physical and behavioral health providers and community services.

Services Include:

  • Locating providers for your child, arranging medical appointments and accompanying you if needed.
  • Connecting you with transportation resources for medical appointments.
    Assisting you with matters such as housing, eviction prevention, custody, food stamps and more.
  • Referring your child to healthy living resources such as smoking cessation, weight loss, addressing substance abuse concerns.
  • 24/7 access to a Care Coordinator.

Upon enrollment, a child is assigned a specially trained Care Coordinator who will work with their parent/guardian to assess their needs and create a plan to help the child.

Contact us and we will guide you through the referral and/or enrollment process.
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