STUDENT VOICES: Transfer schools offer a second chance to graduate high school

After getting expelled from two middle schools and “doing literally nothing all day” at a Brooklyn high school for aspiring artists, Stephanie Gaweda decided she wanted to turn her life around. But her guidance counselor told her that there was no way she would be able to graduate by age 21.

Gaweda’s math teacher had another idea: He suggested that she go to a school specifically designed for students not on track for graduation. These schools, which serve 13,000 students across New York City, are known as transfer schools.

I met Gaweda while reporting on transfer high schools for the Miseducation podcast. To find out how transfer schools came about — and their effects on students — I sat down with Paulette LoManaco and Rachel Forsyth of Good Shepherd Services, a citywide nonprofit that supports marginalized youth.

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