‘Walk for Peace’ calls for action to end the violence plaguing the city

New Yorkers marched from Manhattan to the Bronx Sunday to call for an end to the violence that is seen all across the city.

The “Walk for Peace” ended right across from Bronx Community College in University Heights, but it had started just down the block from where a deadly shooting took place.

“We’re losing our family, we’re losing everyone, we don’t know how to come out to the street anymore. I’m afraid to send my children to school. My son is autistic and he’s innocent. I’m here for him,” said participant Elizabeth Rosario, a teacher in the Bronx.
Rosario added that is why she came out to march along with her neighbors, politicians and groups like Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence.

The walk was also organized to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Source: News12 Bronx