The Need We Fill With 100 Programs

Many of New York’s children, youth, and families are working hard to access the opportunities they need to be successful. We fill the gaps with high quality programs designed to help individuals and communities thrive.


Why We Get Results

Good Shepherd Services takes a serious and rigorous approach to our work. We see limitless potential in the people we serve, and we constantly push our proven approach with new, innovative ways to respond to what our communities need.

94% of Students

in the Transfer High School program who had internships successfully maintained them for the entire year

99% of Families

who received counseling services stayed together and avoided foster care placement for their children

100% of Participants

secured stable housing upon completion of the Chelsea Foyer program


Find The Right Program

We proudly provide 100 programs for youth and families throughout New York City. Tell us a bit about what you’re looking for and where to find the right program for you.

Latest Headlines

COVID-19 Reflections, An Accountability Call to White People

Written by: Diana Noriega, Assistant Executive Director of Anti-Racism and Equity at Good Shepherd Services Over my lifetime, I have been challenged by white fragility and all the many ways whiteness shows up in spaces, communities and within myself.
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A Trend of Kindness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

An anonymous donor has stepped up to provide $500,000 in COVID-19 emergency assistance! This unexpected gift will bring some relief to both our participants and staff with $300,00 to be distributed to children and families in our programs who need it, and $200,000 for eligible employees who make $50,000 or less.
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Vice News: Safe Homes Project, Helping People at Home During COVID-19 Escape Domestic Violence

NEW YORK — Shelter-in-place orders are keeping COVID-19 infections down, but there’s a dangerous side effect: In many parts of the world, reported cases of intimate-partner violence are on the rise, and victims may be unable to seek help.
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