We see what can be.

We see what can be.

Our passion is helping young people reach their full potential—and helping you make a difference in their lives. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or a caring neighbor, you can help our children overcome obstacles and find success.


The Need We Fill

Too many of New York’s children, youth, and families are struggling to access the opportunities they need to be successful. We fill the gaps with high quality programs designed to help children, youth, and families thrive.


Why We Get Results

Good Shepherd Services takes a serious and rigorous approach to our work. We see limitless potential in the people we serve, and we constantly push our proven approach with new, innovative ways to respond to what our communities need.

94% of Students

in the Transfer High School program who had internships successfully maintained them for the entire year

99% of Families

who received counseling services stayed together and avoided foster care placement for their children

100% of Participants

secured stable housing upon completion of the Chelsea Foyer program


Find The Right Program

We proudly provide 80 programs to serve youth and families throughout New York City. Tell us a bit about what you’re looking for and where to find the right program for you.

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How Sr. Paulette LoMonaco Spends Her Sundays

Sister Paulette LoMonaco is 73 and lives in a building with 46 teenage girls.
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Op-Ed by ED Paulette LoMonaco: The city’s helpers are starving for aid

In a given month, there are nearly 24,000 children in New York City receiving preventive child welfare services that keep them safe and with their families; more than 1,700 unaccompanied, homeless youth who have no parent advocating for them; more than 67,000 children whose families rely on city-funded child care.
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Cultivating Leaders: Scaffolding Successful Youth Outcomes

Holding hands, seven young people stood in a circle doing final breathing exercises before their entrance onto the stage — the culmination of months of work to create a day where youth voices, including theirs, would be in the spotlight.
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