Community Partnership Program

For Communities | East New York

Community Partnerships serve as ambassadors to the community, advocates for families, and advisors to ACS and the City. Our work centers achieve five goals:

Build partnerships

Create a foundation rich in resources and connections to support the work of the partnership.

Coordinate Service Referral and utilization

Engage in outreach to identify families in need and help them connect the dots through referrals to community-based supports and resources available through the Community Partnership.

Build community capacity and social capital

Recruit and train emerging grassroots leaders as Community Ambassadors who help design and implement peer-to-peer support programs in local schools and other community organizations or institutions, strengthening ties among family, friends, neighbors and local organizations.

Support community knowledge and sharing

Serve as a hub for City agencies and local organizations to disseminate information and resources.

Collaboration with city agencies

Coordinate community voices and perspectives to inform City agency policy and program; share data and information about community needs, assets and trends, and serve as a thought partner to ACS.

Program Locations

692 Blake Avenue|East New York

692 Blake Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA
(718) 366-7240 |Get directions