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Good Shepherd Services’ B.R.A.G. (Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence) program works with young people, local residents, community-based organizations, and the public to promote safer streets and new norms where violence is not accepted.

B.R.A.G. uses the Cure Violence (CV) evidence-based anti-violence model that originated in Chicago, Illinois. The goal is to identify violently injured youth at risk for retaliatory violence, work with victims and their families and friends to help prevent future violence, and provide linkages to resources and follow-up services. B.R.A.G. also mobilizes residents and organizations through shooting responses and community events (e.g., rallies, marches) to raise awareness and promote non-violent norms.

The team is comprised mainly of credible messengers who are people from the impacted neighborhoods that can build a good rapport with youth and other residents due to their prior history of engaging in activities that exposed them to risk for involvement in the justice system.

Referral Criteria

B.R.A.G. identifies areas in the Bronx with high incidences of gun violence and connects with young people in the community to provide alternative ways to resolve conflict and help develop a positive mindset.

Participants in our program meet the following criteria.

  • 16 – 25 years old
  • Recently released from prison
  • Recently shot
  • Active in a violent street organization
  • History of violence
  • Weapon carriers
  • Engaged in a high-risk activity (i.e., selling drugs)

Wraparound Services

B.R.A.G. offers various high-quality services and opportunities to develop in the areas of mental health, physical wellness, economic mobility, education and more.

B.R.A.G. Therapeutic

  • Mental Health
  • Individual & Family Counseling

B.R.A.G. Educational & Vocational Services

  • Job Training & Placement
  • Anti-Gun Violence Employment Program

B.R.A.G. Hospital Response

  • Victim Services
  • Retaliation Services

B.R.A.G. D.O.E.

  • School Conflict Mediation

B.R.A.G. Studio

  • Music Recording Studio

B.R.A.G. Good Work

  • Training and Apprenticeship

B.R.A.G. Legal Services

  • Criminal, Civil & Juvenile Justice

B.R.A.G. Boxing

  • Coaching
  • Sparring

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Program Locations

BRAG North 47th Precinct|Wakefield

825 East 233rd Street, The Bronx, NY 10466, USA
(646) 385-1955 |Get directions

BRAG NW 52nd Precinct|Fordham/Belmont

1 E Fordham Rd 2nd floor, The Bronx, NY 10468, USA
(646) 937-3754 |Get directions

BRAG West 46th Precinct|University Heights/Morris Heights

1995 Jerome Avenue 2nd fl, The Bronx, NY 10453, USA
(646) 369-8900 |Get directions