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Green House


Green House is a 24/7 eight-bed male residence that helps improve the overall well-being of young people who have had a run-in with the law. Through a wide range of services that include academic support, emotional development, counseling, and recreation, young people can chart a better path for their lives.    Learn more

Middle School After-School programs

|Bedford Stuyvesant, Central Bronx, East New York, Gowanus, Red Hook

Our middle school after-school programs located in Brooklyn and the Bronx provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment during the critical after school and evening hours when school is out and parents/caregivers are working.  Learn more

Elementary after-school programs

|Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, Fordham/Belmont, Gowanus, Kingsbridge, Red Hook, University Heights/Morris Heights

Our elementary after-school programs are designed to reinforce lessons learned during school time in new and creative ways, while at the same time providing opportunities for young people to expand their horizons by learning new skills and nurturing special talents and interests. Special events and shows during the year help to highlight our students’ accomplishments […]  Learn more

Residential Services

|Chelsea, East Harlem, East New York, Gramercy Park, Highbridge, Park Slope

Good Shepherd Services provides superior residential programming for adolescents and young adults. We provide safe, nurturing environments that promote trusting and caring relationships, and set high expectations while providing our residents with the opportunities they need for a successful future.  Learn more

Summer Camps

|Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, Fordham/Belmont, Gowanus, Kingsbridge, Pelham Parkway, Red Hook, Soundview, South Bronx, University Heights/Morris Heights

When the last school bell has rung for the year, Good Shepherd Services transforms many of its after-school programs into free summer camps.  Learn more

Treatment Family Foster Care

|University Heights/Morris Heights

Our Treatment Family Foster Care program provides intensive clinical wraparound services for children and youth, ages 5 to 21, who require a high level of structure and support for their daily functioning.  Learn more


|Gowanus, Park Slope, University Heights/Morris Heights

Our Transitions program provides intensive casework services to families that have experienced difficulty with substance abuse.  Learn more

Family Foster Care

|University Heights/Morris Heights

We provide safe, temporary care in the homes of trained foster parents to children and adolescents who have been removed from their families because of allegations of abuse or neglect.  Learn more

Single Stop Services Centers

|East New York, Park Slope

Single Stop centers provide individuals and families with hands-on assistance in applying for public benefits.  Learn more

High School after-school programs

|Bushwick, Soundview

Good Shepherd Services high-school after-school programs are designed to help students succeed by providing additional support to their regular school day.  Learn more

Foster Care & Adoption

|University Heights/Morris Heights

Our Family Foster Care division provides safe, temporary care in the homes of trained extended family members or foster parents to children and adolescents who have been removed from their birth families because of possible abuse or neglect. Simultaneously, we work intensively with birth parents or caretakers to get them the help they need to […]  Learn more

Youth Justice Programs

|East New York, University Heights/Morris Heights

Since 1993, we have provided court-involved youth with a variety of services and supports, including residences and community-based programs, which are designed to help young people avoid further involvement with the juvenile justice system and create positive futures for themselves and their families.  Learn more

Student Success Centers


Success Center Centers (SSC) are partnerships between community-based organizations and multi-school campuses. As a complement to existing school structures, SSCs are supported by staff as well as Peer Leaders— who are successful upperclassmen and college students trained to support other students and peers in college and career preparedness, planning, and applications. Programming Peer Leaders: Each […]  Learn more

Family Enrichment Center

|East New York

The C.R.I.B. (Community Resources in Brooklyn) The C.R.I.B. is a warm, inviting space where neighbors identify community-focused resources, share their talents and interests, and offer each other support. Everything about the center – including its name, the physical layout, and offerings – is co-designed with families and the community. The center provides services within eight […]  Learn more

Prince Joshua Avitto Community Center

|East New York

Our expanding network of programs in East New York, Brooklyn illustrate our long-standing commitment to providing integrated educational, family, and community services and supports that enhance opportunities for children, youth, and families living in under-resourced NYC neighborhoods. Designed with deep and sustained input from resident and stakeholders of East New York, the Prince Joshua Avitto […]  Learn more

Health Home Care Coordination

|University Heights/Morris Heights

We care for you holistically through compassionate health services. Care Coordination is how health home services are delivered. We work with you and your children’s other providers to address their needs—and yours. A Health Home is a Care Management model that provides individuals with access to a wide network of physical and behavioral health providers […]  Learn more

Parent Support

|Brooklyn Heights

Our Parent Support Program (PSP) builds on our existing services for court-involved youth in East New York, Brooklyn, in which we work closely with the DOP and NYS Office of Children and Family Services to provide court-involved youth with wraparound services through our LIFE, Arches and AIM programs. Parent Coaches are credible messengers who serve […]  Learn more

Family Counseling Services

|Fordham/Belmont, Park Slope, Red Hook, University Heights/Morris Heights

Strong and resourceful families make a huge difference in the lives of children and young people so we provide caregivers with support and guidance to build positive and nurturing relationships. When families are struggling, we offer counseling, advocacy, emergency assistance and referral services to keep families intact and safe. Our services focus on the whole […]  Learn more

Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs)

|Bedford Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Coney Island/Brighton Beach, Downtown Brooklyn, East New York, Fordham/Belmont, Greenpoint, Kingsbridge, Norwood, Pelham Parkway, Soundview

Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs) are designed for older adolescents who have not graduated from high school and have challenges like caring for a child, and work schedules. YABCs give young people the flexibility to take intensive afternoon and evening classes and focus only on the courses they need to graduate.  Learn more

In-School Support

|Kingsbridge, Pelham Parkway, Soundview, University Heights/Morris Heights

Good Shepherd Services' in-school support programs work within public schools to offer services and intervention strategies for students who are most at risk of dropping out.  Learn more

Safe Homes Project


For nearly 40 years, Good Shepherd Services’ Safe Homes Project has been working to confront and eliminate domestic and partner violence in New York City. We provide a full array of services, which include a hotline, counseling, safety-planning, as well as a 20-bed shelter for survivors and their children.  Learn more


|Brownsville, East New York

Next STEPS (Striving Towards Engagement and Peaceful Solutions) is a transformative mentoring intervention for high risk youth, ages 16 to 24, who are actively involved in serious violent activity.  Learn more

Chelsea Foyer


The Chelsea Foyer at The Christopher provides supportive housing to young adults in their late teens and early twenties who have aged out of the child welfare system, are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.  Learn more


|East New York

Rebound is an innovative work readiness program that uses the game of basketball to help youth focus on their future and prepares them for careers and college.  Learn more

Beacon Community Centers

|Fordham/Belmont, Red Hook

Good Shepherd Services’ two Beacon Community Centers provide year-round engaging activities to youth and their families.  Learn more


|Bedford Stuyvesant

Arches is a group mentoring program serving justice-involved young adults ages 16-24 that works to transform attitudes and behaviors that led to criminal activity.  Learn more


|East New York

AIM is an intensive mentoring and advocacy program for youth, ages 13 to 18, who are on juvenile probation and facing institutional placement.  Learn more

Adoption Services

|University Heights/Morris Heights

While we make every effort to keep families together, when this is no longer an option, we find a safe, healthy environment for youth and children.  Learn more

B.R.A.G. Program

|University Heights/Morris Heights

Good Shepherd Services’ B.R.A.G. (Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence) program works with young people, local community residents, community organizations, and the public to promote safer streets and new community norms where violence is not accepted.  Learn more

Partnership Schools

|Bedford Stuyvesant, Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook, Sunset Park

Good Shepherd Services’ partnership schools are operated together with the New York City Department of Education and provide young people who have faced academic challenges with the holistic supports necessary to graduate from high school and be prepared for college or career.  Learn more

Close to Home Residences


As part of the New York State “Close to Home” initiative, the youth are able to maintain close connections to family and other positive adults, advance their education, and work with staff to address those issues that led to placement.   Learn more

College and Career

|Bedford Stuyvesant, Central Bronx, East New York, Gowanus, Red Hook, Upper Manhattan

As young people prepare for their high school graduation, we focus on their academic and social skills that are so critical to college and career success.  Learn more

Community School Sites

|Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Kingsbridge

Community Schools leverage the resources of community partners and families to improve student learning, academic success, and the overall well-being of youth. Schools are transformed into community hubs that offer a wide-range of support services, including health care, counseling, and post-secondary preparation.  Learn more

Peter Jay Sharp House


The Residence provides a nurturing environment for the young people as well as a range of positive interventions aimed at preventing a return to custody.  Learn more

Marian Hall

|Gramercy Park

Marian Hall, our community group residence, serves teenage girls who are unable to live at home and have been referred by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services.  Learn more

Men in Progress/Women on the Move

|Bedford Stuyvesant

Men in Progress/Women on the Move is a four-year program that prepares high school students for success in high school and college through academic support, mentoring, college readiness activities, and internships.  Learn more


|All GSS Bronx and Brooklyn neighborhoods

Good Shepherd Services’ LifeLink college access and success program seeks to ensure that students transitioning from our secondary programs (Partnership Schools, Young Adult Borough Centers, and in-school support programs) matriculate to community college with a higher level of motivation and capacity to test out of the lowest levels of remediation, and that they are able to successfully transition to and succeed in college.  Learn more

Groundwork for Success

|East New York

Good Shepherd Services’ Groundwork for Success is a four-year program that prepares East New York high school students for success in high school and college.  Learn more

Euphrasian Residence

|Gramercy Park

During their short term stay, residents attend school on-site, and participate in a variety of therapeutic, social and recreational activities.  Learn more

McLaughlin East Harlem Residence

|East Harlem

Edwin Gould Academy is a 51-unit supportive housing program for young adults, ages 18 to 25 that provides safe, affordable housing.  Learn more

Domestic Violence Programs

|Open to All Neighborhoods

Good Shepherd Services’ domestic violence program, the Safe Homes Project, works to provide the information, support and advocacy individuals and families need to live safely.  Learn more

Cornerstone Programs

|Red Hook, Stuyvesant Heights, University Heights/Morris Heights

Good Shepherd Services’ Cornerstone programs provide a safe place for children, youth and adult residents of local New York City Housing Authority developments.  Learn more