Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

We envision a New York City where children grow up in thriving neighborhoods, and all individuals and families can build on their strengths to realize their fullest potential.

Our Mission

Guided by social and racial justice, Good Shepherd Services partners and grows with communities so that all NYC children, youth, and families succeed and thrive.

Our Values

These core values inspire our staff and participants and drive everything we do – including our approach to the work, the decisions we make, and the way we collaborate.


The services we provide surround children, youth, and families with kindness and care, build on their strengths, and embrace unique talents, interests, and accomplishments.


Our support for children, youth, and families is unwavering, especially in New York neighborhoods that have the fewest resources.

Bold leadership

We face deeply rooted poverty and inequality, and confront these challenges head on through strong leadership, innovative programs, and advocacy for positive change.


We prioritize ongoing education for both ourselves and our participants. We constantly seek out new ways to be effective and use evidence and data to help us be successful.


We know we can make a real difference with a positive approach that builds upon the inherent strengths that children, youth, and families have to transform themselves.


We listen deeply to and respect the children, youth, and families with whom we work. In New York City neighborhoods with few resources, we do what it takes to respond, and have built the ability to adapt into our approach.

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