Our Financials and Business Approach

We employ a rigorous business approach that emphasizes partnerships and makes the most of public and private resources.

Our strength is in bringing to bear the right resources at the right time for long enough to make a difference. Every gift made to Good Shepherd Services is used strategically and effectively to help children, youth, and families break a cycle of poverty.

Good Shepherd Services is an accredited charity by the Better Business Bureau of New York, and accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services.


IRS Form 990

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Audited Financial Statements

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Annual Report

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Strategic Plan

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How we make the most of our resources

Forming Partnerships to Maximize Capacity

When we identify a need, we use a strategic approach to fill the gaps, collaborating with other public or private institutions to attain our goals. When possible, we use existing infrastructure rather than duplicate effort, using our core competencies to add value to others. Learn more about our partnerships here.

Magnifying the Impact of Funding

By providing the right supports in the right places, our programs demonstrate how smart uses of private dollars can make huge public investments in education and social service more effective. Even within our own organization we are experts at leveraging our resources, with minimal overhead, to make a powerful impact on the youth, families, and communities we serve.

Building Capacity through Staff Training

Investing in a highly competent workforce of leaders who are in the forefront of our field has immeasurable value. We provide staff training and training to human services professionals throughout New York City to help ensure they all have the knowledge and skills they need to work effectively with the populations we serve.

Advocating For Youth

We are strong advocates  in the public arena to effect change and make sure that government and private systems address the needs of youth and their families.

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