Good Shepherd Services’ Participant Lands D1 Football Scholarship

Clinton High School football star David Nwaogwugwu was sitting in the front of a classroom packed with fellow students, each, it seemed, armed with a question for the man of the hour.

Most of the queries centered on schoolwork and dedication — two things that early in his career at Clinton, Nwaogwugwu admits he had in short supply.

“I had a 68 average in my sophomore year and I was skipping classes,” the 6-foot-6 Nwaogwugwu said. “I was a rebel.”

But then his attitude changed — toward his class work, and his dedication to being the best he could be at football. And in the end, that change led to his receiving a football scholarship to Temple University.

His beaming parents, sitting in the front row of the classroom, told you all you needed to know about this turnaround story.

“This is just a blessing,” Nwaogwugwu said as dozens of teammates and well-wishers who packed the classroom waited for him to cut his celebratory cake. “I feel like other people are more happy for me than I am. My mom and dad have been talking about this day since I got the offer from Temple. It just makes me so happy to see my parents proud of me. That’s all you ever want.”

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Source: The Riverdale Press