Good Shepherd Services Applauds “Guilty” Verdict in the Murder Trial of Derek Chauvin

NEW YORK, NY – In light of the “guilty” verdict in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed George Floyd last May, Michelle Yanche, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services, released the below statement:

“The past few weeks have been a time of tremendous pain and trauma, most of all for Black communities, as we have collectively relived the murder of George Floyd through the trial of the man who killed him. The conviction announced today has finally brought this painful trial to a close. Yet, it does not erase the fact that George Floyd should still be alive today, or that our country has much work to do to rid itself of the forces of racism, hate, and injustice that caused his death and the deaths of so many others. Good Shepherd Services will continue to do our part to push the work of racial justice forward. We stand with the Black community in affirming that Black Lives Matter.”

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