The Inspirational Power of Youth

When a young person evolves to exceed our greatest expectations, we are reminded of the impact of our work. Marlon Kitenge, Peer Coach at our LifeLink program in Brooklyn, has set a sterling example of the boundless heights our participants can reach when they’re empowered to succeed.

Six years ago, Marlon was a self-proclaimed procrastinator who was passively floating through high school. Realizing that he needed guidance to help keep him focused on his school work, Marlon took the initiative to enroll in one of our educational enrichment programs where he strengthened his academic standing and developed social skills. Upon graduating from high school, Marlon joined LifeLink, our college retention program. Within his first year there, he became a Peer Coach and a very active ambassador for Good Shepherd. Marlon, with his radiant smile and quiet confidence, has even taken the stage at a few of our fundraising events.

“LifeLink has been such a valuable experience, that as of today, five of my siblings are now also in the program. And coming from such a big family, nine of us by the way, you could say that in my family
we know a good thing when we see it,” Marlon said as he addressed guests at our Fall Benefit Dinner in October.

Marlon will be graduating from Baruch College next year with a Bachelor in Finance and plans to pursue a career in Financial Communications. He is the Executive Treasurer of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) at Baruch’s chapter. Marlon epitomizes everything Good Shepherd works fervently
to achieve.