Teaching during the pandemic at South Brooklyn HS

South Brooklyn is a partnership between the NYC Department of Education and Good Shepherd Services, which is a youth development, education, and family service agency.

The students who enter the school are overage and under credited, which leads to everyone needing different classes and having different schedules.

South Brooklyn is technically having a hybrid schedule but due to the varying schedules of the students and the credits that they come in with, all of the students are remote. Emily Schlesinger, a history teacher, said they wanted the approach taken to not be disruptive.

“We wanted to make sure that whatever we did was sustainable for the whole year whether we went remote at any point or not, which is good because when school was delayed two weeks we were already up and running in a remote capacity,” Schlesinger said.

The school itself is open and students are still welcome.

“The building is a place to get extra help in any of the subjects,” Schlesinger said. “Also, to get help with technology, to have a quiet place to work and get fed. A lot of them do not have a quiet environment at home.”

All of the students at South Brooklyn were given laptops at the beginning of the year and have the option of coming into the building two days a week.

They were given their remote schedule of zoom classes and if they are in the building or not they can access the course work remotely. They are given flexibility so it can fit their schedule.

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